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New Arrivals 07/03/2022

This week's arrivals! Not a huge list this week as we have had some freight delays.

I also hate to say it, but we are going to see some further price increases as a major Australian label has doubled its "distribution fee". We will continue to work with them, but to be honest there is a lot of titles we can source from overseas for a cheaper price without having to pay a "distribution fee". I really feel for the Australian artists that they represent. A "distribution fee" is only charged in Australia for some reason that I can't explain, but doubling the "distribution fee" after they tripled it 2 years ago, I feel is excessive and a barrier to business. End of rant!

New releases from Chillinit "Family Ties", Exek "Advertise Here", Missy Higgins "Total Control" EP on CD, Porches "All Day Gentle Hold", The Weeping Willows "You Reap What You Sow" and more copies are now available of Baker Boy's "Gela"

Reissues and legacy releases from Aretha Franklin, Frankie And The Witch Fingers, Jesse Hector, Lee Perry, metal classic Savatage "Hall Of The Mountain King", Prong, Raunch Hands, Sugar Ray "Lemonade & Brownies" and a whole bunch of "Levitation Sessions" from OSEES, Fuzz, Primal Scream, Black Angels and much more!

AC/DC - Back In Black [LP]

AC/DC - Power Up [LP]

AC/DC - Powerage [LP]

Acid Mothers Temple - Live At Levitation [LP]

Alt J - The Dream (White) [LP]

Aretha Franklin - Aretha [LP]

Aretha Franklin - Sunday Morning Classics [2LP]

Baker Boy - Gela (Orange) [LP]

Beastie Boys - Ill Communication [2LP]

Benny Carter - Further Definitions [LP]

Black Angels - Live At Levitation [LP]

Blood Incantation - Timewave Zero [LP+CD] (sold)

Cheap Nasties - Cheap Nasties [LP]

Chillinit - Family Ties [2LP]

Coloured Balls - Liberate Rock: Singles And More 1972 to 1975 [2LP]

Coloured Balls - Rock Your Arse Off!: Live At Festival Hall 10th Nov. 1972 [LP]

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories [2LP]

David Bowie - ChangesOneBowie [LP]

Exek - Advertise Here [LP]

Fleetwood Mac - Mr. Wonderful [LP]

Foo Fighters - Medicine At Midnight (Blue) [LP] (sold)

Foo Fighters - There Is Nothing Left To Lose [2LP]

Frankie & The Witch Fingers - Heavy Roller [LP]

Frankie & The Witch Fingers - Sidewalk [LP]

Fuzz - Levitation Sessions [LP]

Gang Of Youths - Angel In Realtime (White) [2LP]

Gentle Giant - Octopus [LP] (sold)

Hans Zimmer - Dune [CD] (sold)

Harry Styles - Fine Line [2LP]

James Brown - Live At Home With His Bad Self: The After Show [LP]

Jesse Hector - It Ain't Easy 1992 to 1996 [LP]

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Paris 67 [LP]

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Polygondwanaland (Tectonic Collision) [LP]

Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti [2LP]

Lee Perry - Africa's Blood [LP]

Loser - All The Rage (Clear/Pink/Blue) [LP]

Madlib - Shades Of Blue [2LP] (sold)

Michael Jackson - Bad [LP]

Michael Jackson - Thriller [LP]

Missy Higgins - Total Control [CDEP]

Neu! - Neu! 2 [LP]

Ocean Alley - Chiaroscuro [2LP]

ORB - Birth [LP]

OSEES (Oh Sees) - Levitation Sessions [LP+7"]

OSEES (Oh Sees) - Levitation Sessions II [2LP]

Pagans - Pink Album Plus [LP]

Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother [LP]

Pokey LaFarge - In The Blossom Of Their Shade (Orange) [LP+7"]

Porches - All Day Gentle Hold (Yellow) [LP]

Primal Scream - Live At Levitation [LP]

Prong - Prove You Wrong [LP]

Queens Of The Stone Age - Rated R (Rated X) [LP]

Rage Against The Machine - Live At The Grand Olympia Auditorium [2LP]

Raunch Hands - Fuck Me Stupid [LP]

Savatage - Fight For The Rock [LP]

Savatage - Hall Of The Mountain King [LP]

Silverchair - Freak Show [LP]

Sugar Ray - Lemonade & Brownies (Green) [LP]

The Cramps - Flamejob [LP]

The Darkness - Motorheart [LP]

The Meters - The Meters [LP]

The Weeping Willows - You Reap What You Sow [LP]

Various - Back From The Grave Vol. 1 [LP]

Various - Back From The Grave Vol. 3 [LP]

Xentrix - For Whose Advantage? [LP]

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