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New Arrivals 08/07/20204

Arrivals for the past 7 days! Debut LP from Liepzig's Autobahns "First LP!" on Legless, Cannon "Comet's Coming", Cutters from Melbourne with a killer punk LP "Psychic Injury", some funk / soul groove with Don Glori "Don't Forget To Have Fun", Gimmy "Things Look Different Now", Alt country from Jenny Don't & The Spurs "Broken Hearted Blue", Joe Ghatt "Capers", Lava Fangs "Sub Aurorum", Program "It's A Sign" on Anti Fade, The Double Agents "New Motion"

Plus a bunch of the Drunk Mums back catalogue, The Stems, a new repress of "Feed The Dog" by Bored!, a few soundtracks and much more!

Alan Howarth - Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers [LP]

Alan Howarth - Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers [LP]

Autobahns - First LP! [LP]

Bored! - Feed The Dog (Red/Yel) [LP]

Cannon - Comet's Coming [LP]

Childish Gambino - Because The Internet [2LP]

Chris Wilson - Live At The Continental [2LP]

Cutters - Psychic Injury [LP]

Don Glori - Don't Forget To Have Fun [LP]

Drunk Mums - Denim & Leather [LP]

Drunk Mums - Drunk Mums [LP]

Drunk Mums - Gone Troppo [LP]

Drunk Mums - Urban Cowboy [LP]

Gimmy - Things Look Different Now [LP]

Jenny Don't & The Spurs - Broken Hearted Blue [LP]

Joe Ghatt - Capers [LP]

Kate Nash - 9 Sad Symphonies (Baby Pink) [LP]

Khruangbin - Con Todo El Mundo [LP]

Kow Otani - Godzilla Mothra And King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack [2LP]

Lava Fangs - Sub Aurorum [LP]

Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher [LP]

Program - It's A Sign [LP]

Split System - Vol. II [LP]

The Double Agents - New Motion [LP]

The Scientists - Blood Red River (Red) [LP] (sold)

The Stems - Heads Up [LP]

The Stems - Mushroom Soup [LP]

The War On Drugs - Live Drugs [LP] (sold)

The Wiggles - Hot Potato! The Best Of The OG Wiggles [LP]

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