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New Arrivals 20/05/2023

Another week gone, we've been madly at work, cleaning and grading some 1500 preloved LPs that we recently acquired! They will hit the racks as quickly as we can manage it!

This week's new arrivals consist of the new releases from Ausecuma Beats "Dakar Bamako", Blitzen Trapper "100's Of 1000's Millions Of Billions", Comets "Anywhere Here", Drunk Mums "Beer Baby", Glass Beams "Mahal", Johnny Casino "High Stone", Misty Lanes "Colourless Green Ideas", unreleased 1995 recordings from Nunchukka Superfly "Nunchukka Superfly 95", Parsnip "Behold", SIA "Reasonable Woman", Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers "Pretty Good For A Girl Band", Wesley Fuller "All Fuller No Filler" and Winter Mcquinn "Move To The Trees". As expected the new Shellac LP sold out immediately, we hope to get more soon.

Plus much more...

Adele - 25 [LP]

Ausecuma Beats - Dakar Bamako [LP]

Blitzen Trapper - 100's Of 1000's Millions Of Billions [LP]

C.O.F.F.I.N. - Children Of Finland Fighting In Norway [LP]

C418 - Minecraft Volume Alpha (Green) [LP]

C418 - Minecraft Volume Beta (Red/Org/Yel) [2LP]

Chris Wilson - Live At Continental [2LP]

Comets - Anywhere Here [LP]

Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes - Night Of The Wolverine [2LP]

Dirty Three - Whatever You Love You Are [LP]

Drunk Mums - Beer Baby [LP]

Freddie Gibbs - You Only Live 2wice (Red) [LP]

Fu Manchu - FU30 Part 3 [10"]

Garry Gray & Ed Clayton Jones - We Mainline Dreamers [LP]

Genesis - Live At Knebworth [EP]

Glass Beams - Mahal (Orange) [EP]

Iron Monkey - Spleen And Goad [LP]

Johnny Casino - High Stone [LP]

MF Doom - Mm..Food (Green/Pink) [2LP] (sold)

Misty Lanes - Colourless Green Ideas [LP]

Nunchukka Superfly - Nunchukka Superfly 95 [LP]

Parsnip - Behold [LP]

RMFC - Club Hits [LP]

Shellac - To All Trains [LP] (sold)

SIA - Reasonable Woman [LP]

Sonic Flower - Me And My Bellbottom Blues [LP]

Split System - Vol. II [LP]

Stepmother - Planet Brutalicon [LP]

Stiff Richards - Dig [LP]

Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department (Ghosted White) [2LP]

Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers - Pretty Good For A Girl Band (Yellow) [LP]

Tommy Emmanuel - Accomplice Two [2LP]

Wesley Fuller - All Fuller No Filler [LP]

Winter Mcquinn - Move To The Trees [LP]

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