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Portal Gun - Synthetic Society (Aqua) [LP]

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Portal Gun - Synthetic Society (Aqua) [LP]

Portal Gun brings a blend of psych rock and funk/groove elements.

The band aims to combine retro ideas and styles with modern/futuristic sounds and concepts.

Portal Gun is a four-piece outfit originating from Warrnambool, consisting of members Edward Jacobs (Vocals/Guitar), Tim Bayne (Drums), Matt Rowan (Bass) and Jordan Lahy (Keys/Synth)

1. Infinite Hotel 04:39
2. Synthetic Society 04:32
3. Mind Virus 04:13
4. Archetypal Characters 05:31
5. Shapeshifters 04:10
6. Walking on Air 05:01
7. My Name is Bud 03:34
8. Dawn After the Apocalypse 04:08

Portal Gun's debut album

released June 1, 2023
Produced - Tim Bayne / Edward Jacobs
Mixing - Tim Bayne
Mastering - Aidan Bateman
Recorded and produced at Warrnambool Drum School
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